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Tenacious and fearless in defending our clients best interests.

Frantz Gregory & Co have a long history of successful legal results. We are client centred and support individuals throughout the entire legal journey.

We are authorised as a CILEx Litigator and Advocate (Civil). We offer tailored legal services in immigration, civil litigation, employment law and commercial law.

We support organisations and individuals with a range of legal services

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Dr Frantz Gregory

(Director & Founder)

At Frantz Gregory & Co we ensure that your case has the best possible chance of success. From the first client consultation onwards, we will gather comprehensive evidence, take statements from family and friends and other third parties where required and draft comprehensive representations.

At Frantz Gregory & Co we prepare and draft claims, defences and appeals on our clients’ behalf, and this includes employment, civil, commercial and whether that be appealing an immigration decision.

We are a well-recognised, local and reputable law firm based in Hull. Our Values are to uphold a professional standard and to deliver quality legal services. To do it right. To take the lead. The result we achieve for our clients confirms the philosophy we embrace and are committed to achieving. Our Mission is to make superior quality information available to all those affected by unfairness and injustice.

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Frantz Gregory & Co and our practising lawyer Frantz work within Bar Council’s Standard Terms and CILEx Regulation rules.

Frantz became the first authorised CILEx Immigration Practitioner in the country in 2015. He is also authorised as a CILEx Litigator and Advocate (Civil). He acts for numerous clients with legal problems in the UK and frequently provides trusted advice on UK employment and immigration law in a wide range of commercial and personal scenarios.

Frantz Gregory’s firm is a centre of excellence. Every application we prepare is tailor-made and thoroughly researched. As a result, our success rate is high. See our glowing testimonials below.

At Frantz Gregory & Co we advise on the Points Based Tier System, Immigration visa applications, family-based applications, all applications made under the EU regulations, applications outside of the UK Immigration Rules and applications for Asylum for refugees. Equally, as a specialist employment, civil litigation and commercial Lawyer, Frantz Gregory has many years of experience dealing with litigation and disputes

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