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22 July 2024 Tuesday,11:00 AM

Webinar – Adjustments – What is reasonable ?

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Who should attend
This course is aimed at HR professionals in education institutions who advise or provide guidance on the recruitment/management of workers who may request, be entitled to or benefit from reasonable adjustments in the course of employment or who are responsible for the drafting/updating/application of their institution’s policies relating to reasonable adjustments.

When a disabled job applicant or employee is ‘substantially’ disadvantaged, the employer has a legal duty to make ‘reasonable’ adjustments. The difficulty is that what is reasonable depends upon the circumstances of each case, and upon the size and resources of the employer.

As workplaces become more inclusive of older and disabled workers, as technology and work patterns change and good practice expectations rise, managers face an ever broadening range of requests. These need to be considered on an individual basis which may run the risk of a perception of favouritism, especially if staff view this as creating a precedent and are unsuccessful with their own requests.

In this webinar we will look at :

− the legal background – what the duty means and to whom does the duty apply?

− types of adjustment – proactive conversations with staff; physical adjustments and equipment; non-physical adjustments – hours, location, performance

− reasonableness – do you say “no” unless you have to say “yes”? Cost : how much is too much? Precedent : if you do it for one … ? Maintaining adjustments : for how long?

− case-law update

− policies, procedures and individual needs

21/09/2021 11:00 – 12:00 (Local time)