Civil Litigation

We provide advice on a range of civil litigation matters. We can deal with claims you wish to bring against a defendant or claims brought against you. You can rely on our expertise in negotiation to seek settlement where possible.


  • Contracts & Disputes
  • Injunction
  • Money Claim


  • Property Disputes
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Debt Disputes

We also offer fixed-fee initial consultations. At your consultation we will help in providing all the information you need to understand the legal and practical issues relating to your case. 

The purpose of our consultation is to allow you to make an informed decision about what action you need to take.

We have prepared an Instruction Form (copies available on request, or click here) to help you to give us the information and documents that we need. Following receipt of your instructions and reviewing your case, the first step we must take on your behalf is to write to the Debtor, telling them that Court proceedings will be issued against them if the debt is not paid within 30 days (or 14 days for corporate debtors). If you have received a Lawyer’s letter, we will respond on your behalf telling them we have been instructed to deal with the matter.

The Courts actively discourage the issue of proceedings without such a letter being sent first. We aim to send the letter out on the day that your instructions reach us, and if you give us an email address or a fax number for the Debtor /Lawyer then the letter will be sent by email or fax  and where appropriate by post. It will be copied to you.