Frantz Gregory & Co is a Firm regulated by the Bar Standards Board (BSB). In running its business and providing services to clients this Firm abides by the mandatory principles set out in the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) Code of Conduct and the BSB requirements. These principles relate to everything we do but specifically in formulating this
client care policy we must:

 Act in the best interests of each of our clients.
 Provide a proper standard of service to our clients.
 Behave in a way that maintains the trust the public places in us and in the provision of legal services.

Purpose and scope
The overall purpose of this policy is to demonstrate compliance with the CILEx Code of Conduct and the BSB requirements in the provision of clear guidance to our clients and prospective clients as to how we work and the standard of service that we strive to offer. Every member of our staff and all consultants providing services on behalf of this Firm are required to act in accordance with this client care policy.

Client Care Statement
Everyone in our Firm is committed to providing a first class service to you our client.

 We will always try to provide you with a service that is professional, courteous and accessible.
 We will do our best to achieve the very best results for you.
 We will be open and honest with you about your chances of success.
 We will be clear and open with you about costs.

In order to achieve the highest standards of client care we will:

 Provide you with a high quality professional and consistent service delivered in a timely manner and taking into account your individual needs and circumstances.
 Always act in a respectful and courteous manner.
 Always treat you fairly.
 Be open and honest.
 Give clear and concise legal advice.
 Use plain English wherever possible and explain any legal terms or references.
 Provide you with clear information about how your case will be managed and if there are
alternative courses of action, we will provide you with the relevant details.
 Represent your best interests and act with integrity.
 Ensure that we communicate effectively and promptly wherever possible and in a manner which suits your requirements.

 Act in accordance with the CILEx code of conduct, the BSB requirements and other relevant regulatory requirements.
 Provide you with the details of any costs involved by way of either quotation or estimate and provide regular updated on the costs incurred or in circumstances where the costs are likely to increase from the original amount advised.

 Consider with you any payment options that might be utilised.
 Provide you with information concerning our complaints procedure and details about the Legal Ombudsman.

We strive to make our service accessible to anyone who may need them and we will at all times operate in accordance with our Equality and Diversity Policy.
We will offer services through a range of means including face to face meetings, communication by email, skype or on the telephone.
We will make best use of technology to ensure that our services are as accessible as possible to those who need them. We will ensure that our offices are accessible to people with a physical disability or limited mobility. We will do our best to make our services available to clients with visual impairments or restricted hearing and will consider what adjustments are needed to enable clients to give instructions and receive advice.

We will ensure that our services are accessible to all people regardless of their race, religion or ethnic background. Where there are language considerations, if we do not have an appropriate interpreter within the firm, we will invite clients to be accompanied by a friend or relative who can act as an interpreter.
We also strive to make our service accessible in terms of its delivery. We will offer appointments as quickly as possible and will respond promptly to all written communication and telephone messages. Wherever possible we will advise clients of the likely timescale of dealing with their matter and will do our best to adhere to reasonable time limits and deadlines set by clients. Where there are legal time limits and limitation periods to be considered we will only take on a matter if we are able to comply with the necessary legal

Our service must be accessible to all regardless of their level of understanding of the law and legal systems. To this end we will explain our advice in plain English, avoiding use of jargon, legal terminology and unnecessary reference to legislation or case headings.

We commit to providing a professional service to clients and prospective clients of our Firm. We will act with integrity at all times and our clients and prospective clients will be treated with courtesy and respect in their dealings with us. We will at all times comply with the principles of the Equality Act 2010 and our own Equality and Diversity Policy. We will always act in a manner that is professional and courteous when dealing with third parties, including solicitors acting for our client’s opponents, our client’s employers, tribunals, courts and other bodies and at all times act in a manner which befits a firm of lawyers.

Cost Effective
We will be open about costs in all our dealings with clients. We will operate a fair charging policy which will be stated from the outset and advised to all prospective clients when they enquire about the services of this firm. We will advise our clients of the likely costs in connection with the matter for which we are instructed and will keep our cost estimate under

All communication on costs with our clients will be in writing. We will provide as detailed cost information as possible in our initial client letter, terms of business and at appropriate times when advising and updating clients in respect of the progress of their matter

Client Care Letter
After you have instructed us to take on your case we will issue you with a Client Care Letter
and Terms of our Service which explains in detail the level of service that we will strive to provide to you. We will inform you of the person who is going to be responsible for your case and their position in the practice. Where appropriate we will also advise you of the person who will supervise your file if this is not also the fee earner.

In dealing with clients and their matters we will at all times maintain confidentiality. This means that we will not, without our client’s specific consent, disclose the fact that they have approached the firm or retained us to deal with any matter. We will not reveal to any outsider the nature of the instructions provided by our client other than in the pursuit of our client’s
instructions. We will at all times operate practices within our offices to ensure that client’s matters are kept confidential and files and details of cases are restricted from public view.

We will make our complaints procedure known to clients from the outset by including it on our Client Care agreement and explaining it at the commencement of the retainer. Where a client is in any way dissatisfied with our service we will encourage them to utilise the procedure and will investigate complaints promptly and in line with our procedure.

Feedback and Testimonials
In order that we can continue and improve our service we actively encourage and value feedback from our clients, whether negative or positive. We monitor and evaluate any client complaints to identify and address any shortcomings and failings in our business so that we can strive to continually improve our standard of service.

Dr Frantz Iwu has responsibility for implementing this policy and monitoring compliance. This policy will be assessed annually.