Will Drafting

At Frantz Gregory & Co, our Will Writing service is a vital part of our practice.

We will provide straightforward advice no jargon. We are prompt and efficient and at a competitive price.

My dad once said to me, why do you have a Will? You are too young to have one. Regrettably, he died without making a Will. Everyone should make a Will and without one, the Law decides who should inherit your property, which can be a shock to a bereaving family.

It is important to seek legal advice to draft and execute your Will to avoid getting things wrong. If you already have a Will, it is important to review it when required.

Some of the circumstances when you should consider updating your Will are:

  • You are cohabiting with a new partner and wish to make provision for them.
  • You jointly own a property and wish to choose who should have your share of the property after your death.
  • You have a partner but are not married and wish to make provision for them.
  • You have married since your Will was drafted. Unless you referred to your marriage plans in your current Will, your subsequent marriage will invalidate the Will.
  • You have divorced since your Will was drafted. Unlike marriage, divorce does not invalidate your Will, but it cancels any mention in it of your former wife, husband, or civil partner. Therefore, any provision you have made for them will lapse.
  • You have new children or grandchildren who are not included in your Will.
  • Your estate has changed in value since your Will was drafted.
  • You have fallen out with your beneficiaries or executors or they have died.
  • You are now a single parent and wish to appoint a guardian for your children.